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Craig is both a Strategist and a Systems Engineer with a passion for Clean Energy and Complex Product Development. He is an expert at finding the best solution to complex problems through solid analysis and teamwork. He is always focused on the higher-level real success and doesn't "fall in love" with any particular technology/idea.

Craig began his journey by noticing smog in Vancouver and thinking "Vancouver is too beautiful for smog...what can I do about it?". This led him to his career at Ballard Power Systems where he was the Systems Engineering lead for the Ballard 250 kW Natural Gas Fuel Cell Stationary Powerplant, and then the Stack/Systems Lead for the Generation 2 Automotive Fuel Cell Stack (now present in the 2010 Mercedes B-Class F-Cell and the BC Transit/Mercedes Citaro Fuel Cell Buses. After that Craig became the Chief Strategy Officer for Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp., the private JV that is owned by Daimler and Ford, and is now also the lead partner with Nissan.

Craig is deeply interested in the interface between Finance, Energy, our Institutions, and our Resource Base, and how they all operate together as one big System. By understanding the time frames of each, the hurdles especially in Finance (short timeframe) and Energy (longer timeframe but grounded in the real-world and heavily dependent on Finance) become very clear. Then Craig is able to work both within and connecting people/institutions to help make the right decisions in the whole field of Clean Energy.

After recent in-depth experiences with both the Canadian and Japanese Health Care systems, Craig is very interested in applying systems engineering principles and best practices to the health care industry.  There are great benefits to the overall performance and outcomes in the increasingly complex world of health care through the application of systems engineering.  Craig has written several articles on health care in his blog at www.engineeringnewworld.com and is actively working with Industry and Government to improve Health Care by using Systems Engineering.

Craig has always been strongly people-oriented and a leader of teams in every organization he has been in, generating natural respect because of his nature. Successful Clean Energy and Complex Product Development products/projects require a high-performing multi-disciplinary team, and Craig has been a team creator/former/leader/supporter/networker for his entire career. Craig has a large network of the very best Clean Energy and Complex Product Development Innovators/Entrepreneurs/Implementers to tap into as part of the LSSC business.

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Craig supported the performance and growth of AFCC in an outstanding manner. Based on a sound technical/engineering expertise, he's able to tackle structural and strategic issues successfully. Craig was also instrumental in building and expanding relationships to government, research institutions and academia including securing respective funding. Craig's work ethics is exemplary. I can only highly recommend Craig.
Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt
Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt
CEO – Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation

Craig is an outstanding Systems Engineer and Management Consultant with extensive experience in the Clean Energy industry.  Craig has successfully led many engineering and business projects for Quadrogen in the past 18 months.  His multi-disciplinary approach to systems design and execution of successful product development programs will be a great asset for any growing company. He works hard to ensure that the key objectives and milestones are met within budget and time. His experience and expertise will be extremely valuable in building a world class company.  I look forward to continuing Quadrogen’s working relationship with Craig in future.
Alakh Prasad
Alakh Prasad
President & CEO – Quadrogen Power Systems

Craig was instrumental in creating Systems Engineering at Ballard in the early 1990s. His work included Systems Analysis, System Design, Controls Definition & Performance Analysis. Up until 1999, his major focus was on the development of a 250 kW class Natural gas fueled stationary power plant. His technical, organizational and management skills were second to none.

After 1999, as a member of the Advanced System Design group, Craig provided key technical direction for the transportation, stationary and portable power plants for the overall Ballard organization. Also included were detailed competitive analysis of other companies & evaluation and assessment of advanced concepts and strategic technologies Ballard was interested in investing in.

Craig is a hard working, results orientated engineer. Craig's wisdom and practical, strategic experience in the Fuel Cell Industry is genuine. Companies looking for first class assistance should look to Craig.

David S. Watkins
David S. Watkins
Director Advanced System Design – Ballard Power Systems (1983 to 2002 -Retired)
Strong Leadership

I had the blessing of mentoring under the some of the best Engineering Executives at the beginning of my career, where the principle of strong leadership became deeply ingrained in me. These Engineering Executives had developed the first jet engine afterburner, put nuclear powerplants in Submarines, sent Men to the Moon, or really developed fuel cells for success in Commercial Applications. Strong Leadership examples, from JFK to Admiral Rickover to these Executives convinced me that working directly with the most Senior Leaders is the most important key to a successful endeavor. I can help these leaders make the right strategic and systems engineering decisions.

Successful partnering

Great leadership needs great advisors – like the Consigliere in the Godfather. The ideal relationship is more than traditional consultancy with reports and independent implementation. I prefer to work closely and side-by-side with my clients. As I am an independent advisor, I can provide you with the kind of perspective that is difficult to get from within your organization and help you make the right decisions.

Unifying Theories

There are universal "laws" at work in science, business, and with people, and these need to be understood, optimized, and leveraged, so that in your unique situation, the best path forward can be attacked and implemented with confidence. I am able to help you understand how these laws work and help you understand how best to apply them to your challenges and vision.

  • Systems Engineering
    • Fundamentals training
    • Systems modelling and analysis
    • Application of Systems Approach to Product/Technology/Engineering, Projects/Tasks, and Organization/People
    • MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering)
    • Requirements development
  • Complex Product Development
    • Research, Development, Engineering, Manufacturing within Automotive OEMs and Stationary Power Industry
    • Transition from Technology Development to Product Development/Advanced Manufacturing to Product Launch
    • Development Strategy, Product and Technology Roadmaps
  • Energy/Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer/Fluid Flow
    • High temperature (burners, reactions) and sub-zero (LNG, freeze startable fuel cells)
  • Technology Start-ups
    • Building Teams and Companies
    • Idea to Prototype to Acquisition by Major OEMs
  • PEM Fuel Cells
  • Natural Gas/Biogas/LNG chemical processing and reactor design