What We Do

Good Strategy Development

  • Strategic Corporate and Business Development, Business Cases, Financial Analysis, Return on Invested Capital
    • Challenge Diagnosis and Industry/Competitive Analysis
    • Guiding Policy
    • Coherent Actions
  • Technology and Product Roadmapping
  • Technical Development Planning
  • Collaboration Frameworks and Agreements
  • Funding Acquisition from Industry and Government
  • Corporate/Product Branding
  • Organizational Systems Analysis and Design
  • Management Coaching


Complex Product Development Systems Engineering Consulting

  • Systems Engineering Analysis, Requirements Development, The Art of Systems Architecture
  • Complex Product Development Processes
  • Product Cost Engineering
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property Analysis and Protection
  • Robust Engineering Design
  • Thermodynamic/Exergy/Heat Transfer/Fluid Flow Analysis, VMGSim, DWSim, Hysys
  • Fuel processor component design
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), No Magic MagicDraw, Sparx EA
  • Systems Engineering Fundamentals Training


Selected Bodies of Work


  • Applying Systems Engineering to Canada's Health Care System, 2014
  • Improving Systems Engineering Education at Canadian Universities, 2014
  • Hydrogen Infrastructure and Fuel Cell Vehicle Deployment Study for BC, 2014 
  • Corporate Commercialization Analysis, Several Business Proposals, Quadrogen Power Systems, 2013 
  • Organization and Resource Strategy and Plan for Joint Development Fuel Cell Stack Development for AFCC/Daimler/Ford/Nissan, 400 Engineers, 4 locations (Vancouver, Stuttgart, Detroit, Japan), $300 million, Plan for 2012-2016 
  • STDC Funding Proposal, Award, and Project Administration, $10 million Grant, 2009-2013, AFCC
  • Automotive Fuel Cell Development Competitive Analysis, 2009-2012
  • Government Relations Strategy and Execution, 2009-2013

Systems Engineering/Analysis Lead

  • Novel LNG Systems Architecture and Thermodynamic Process Design Study 20,000 to 60,000 usgpd, for a Major Utility Customer, 2014
  • Systems Engineering Course tailored to Complex Product Development for a Leading Fuel Cell Developer, 2014
  • VMGSim Training Course, for a Leading Fuel Cell Developer, 2014
  • Associated Petroleum Gas (Wet Natural Gas) Upgrading to Pipeline Natural Gas using Novel Chemical Conversion Process System Design Study, 350 SCFM, with Steam Reforming Technology and Membrane Separation, for an Engineering Company Customer, 2014
  • Novel Biogas Upgrade to Pipeline Bio-Methane System: Architecture, Process Design and Thermodynamic Analysis for Major Gas Utility Customer, 2014
  • Novel Syngas Upgrading Technology for Gasifier with >50% Carbon Monoxide to Hydrogen Rich Product, 1000 SCFM, for a Leading Gasifier Developer, 2014
  • Novel Fuel Processor Component Designs: High temperature steam reformer, shift reactor, freeze capture contaminant unit, 2014
  • Novel Biogas Clean Up System: Architecture, Process Design and Thermodynamic Analysis for Fortune 100 Company Customer, 2013
  • Operational Concept and Thermodynamic Operating Conditions for Freeze Startable Fuel Cell Stack in Mercedes B-Class 2010 Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet, 2005-2009
  • Oxygen Enrichment Automotive Fuel Cell System Design Study and Development Project Due Diligence Analysis, 2005
  • Air Independent Propulsion Fuel Cell Range Extender System Design Study for 1600 ton Submarine, 2004
  • 5 kW Methanol Fuel Processor and Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power System for Trucks; System Design Study, with Steam Reformer, Preferential Axidizer, Fuel Cell, Burner, Catalytic Combuster, 2003
  • 250 kW Natural Gas Fuel Cell Powerplant System Design and Commissioning, with Hydrodesulfurizer, Vaporizer, Steam Reformer, Shift Reactor, Preferential Oxidizer, Fuel Cell, Auxiliary Burner, Dual Stage Turbochargers, Grid Connected Inverter 1995-1999