Who We Serve

LSSC helps the Industry and Government solve the complex "system" challenges by making the right strategic and systems engineering decisions. Areas of specialty include Complex Product Development especially for Clean Energy, Transportation, and Health Care.

Every Complex Product Development challenge today is best solved by engineering with the next level "systems" above the current challenge, including environment, material availability, finance, government, and social networks. Within this framework, systems engineering thinking is then applied simultaneously in three interrelated dimensions: technology/product, projects/activities, and organization/people to come up with the best solution.

The ideal clients are those in industry, academia, and government that are evaluating, developing, and deploying advanced solutions to our complex product development challenges. This includes:

  • Startups and Medium sized businesses in the Complex Product Development Industries, especially Clean Energy, Transportation, or Health Care
  • Transportation OEMs and Stationary Power OEMs/Utilities
  • Government Departments/Agencies/Foundations responsible for solutions in the Energy, Transportation, or Health Care fields
  • Venture Capital
  • Universities

The ideal clients recognize how challenging it really is to make changes to our energy and transportation infrastructure or are commercializing complex products. Energy, transportation and complex products have high stakes, high financial requirements, long development cycles, technology uncertainty, sustainability dimensions, high complexity and interactions between technical, project and people aspects. At the same time the opportunities for real impact and financial return on investment are present to those with the resources and drive for solutions, with the right help.

If you are primarily focused on improving operational effectiveness or deploying standard industry solutions designed in yesterday's world, then we are not a fit for you. A good match requires some pain points to execute your vision or meet your needs, high stakes, and the resources and willingness to invest in a leap forward.


We Get What You Are Going Through

While every situation is unique, some of the overarching boundary conditions are:

  • You are uncertain on how best to proceed to the next steps of your mission and why
  • You are aware of other similar but different projects that have not gone as well as they should
  • You have been battle-tested and wise enough to know you want to avoid pitfalls in advance

How do we know this? Because we have been through many of these types of challenges before. Being a part of high impact start-ups and transformations within major multinationals is very stimulating. At the same time numerous difficult challenges are always there or getting in the way of ideal progress.

If you are like us, you want to have much more certainty about what are the right solutions, what are the right actions to take, in what sequence, and why. You need a holistic systems approach based on solid expertise and analysis that considers all key factors in your strategy and solution. And you want to operate with confidence that you invested in the right approach in the critical high leverage early phase activity of strategic formulation and systems engineering architecture.

At LSSC, we have a good process that does just that. But before we explain what it is and how it works, it is important to understand why we do what we do.