Why We Do It

There are four big reasons why we help clients with the right strategy and systems engineering.


  • To realize better end systems / products / projects

It is incredibly satisfying to make the world a better place with a better product, like a fuel cell car or generator; a better project, like a renewable powered data center; or a better system, like an improved health care system. These are all very impactful, yet also really hard to do.


  • Proper allocation of resources

The Clean Energy and Complex Product Development space has its fair share of misallocated resources - technologies that never made it to commercialization, products that weren’t cost effective, markets that were overestimated, and promises that weren’t met. These resources include finances, people, intellectual, management attention, or opportunity.

The reasons are many, with the four biggest as:

      1. The “dot.com” template of information technology commercialization cannot be so simply applied to the Clean Energy or Complex Product industries. While “Moore’s Law”, Google, Silicon Valley, Apps, and Open Source apply to information technologies, Clean Energy has to abide by the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, Material demands, Government, Consumers, Environment, High Capital Finance, Politics, and High Risk Impacts. It is a different world and you really have to understand the Clean Energy business and Complex Product Development
      2. Complexity is increasing everywhere, with increased software, connectivity, public policy issues and development cycle acceleration.  Unmanaged complexity leads to enormous problems.
      3. Our world is now having to deal with limits to material resources, whether that be cheap fossil fuels, rare earth metals, or clean water. Yesterday’s solutions and current cost models barely take any of these emerging constraints into account.
      4. “Systems thinking” was not broadly applied enough to the technologies, the activities, or the people – and all in coherence. Especially with this last reason, we can help you in a big way.

This all comes back to strategy. One of the biggest strategic decisions a leader can make is where to allocate resources. With the right strategy, the right resource allocation decisions can be made.

Going forwards, our resources will become dearer. Capital is now more difficult to acquire than in the “dot.com” boom, or even the 2008 “Clean Energy Stimulus Package” from World Governments. And just as precious is your management attention. There is so much information available now at our fingertips, but to translate that into knowledge and wisdom takes experience, intelligence, and expertise in the Clean Energy business. This is where LSSC comes in.


  • So you and your organization can be successful

At the end of the day, we all want to be a part of products and projects that are successful, the ones that fill a useful, constructive and sustainable need.   Success breeds more success. For Clean Energy Projects and Complex Product Development, LSSC has the experience, network, and expertise to help with the critical first steps to a success. What will your legacy be?


  • Because it is fun!

There is something deeply satisfying about successful clean energy projects and complex products. They attract a wide discipline of talents, most of whom have a purpose to make a meaningful and lasting impact, and there is kind of a magical chemistry of fun. Whenever we meet new people and we tell people what we do, we always get bright eyes and “Wow, that is so cool!”